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    Part of my text is missing in FF and IE..What to do?


      This is the first time I have used Edge Animate....Seems pretty simple so far...I am finding it pretty simple so far.


      I have created a simple line of text that fades in from left to right. In chrome, the HTML file looks great. I FF and IE, the last part of the line of text is missing!


      Like I mentioned...I am a complete nebie.


      Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!


      Seth Hampton

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hey, Seth-


          It's hard for us to tell what's going on without seeing the file.  However, it's possible that your text is rendering slightly larger than your bounding box in FF and IE, and is getting clipped or is moving to the next line.  If your text is within a symbol, the text will get clipped if you set the overflow to hidden.


          Hope that gives you some ideas.  If you want us to take a look at it, please post your file.