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    Actual steps to use Comments component outside of Geometrixx




      I am having a heck of a time getting the comments component to do ANYTHING on the site I'm building. On the geometrixx test pages the comments component works fine (and is styled completely differently). I put the comments component on a page and the style is all messed up and nothing happens when i try to use it.


      What am I missing? The documentation is not clear at all (and actually the documentation shows a very different dialog for the component). I follow the directions just to get the OOTB commenting working. We're using CQ's user management, so I have a user logged in and yet it still says logged in user is null.


      Is there an extra config step to enable the social collaboration components on my site that I'm missing?  To be clear: I do NOT want to integrate with FB or Twitter, just the CQ user system.