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    H&J violations: bright blue vs. dark blue vs. black background


      After turning on H&J violations (under Edit, Preferences, Composition), text with H&J violations is highlighted yellow as it should. When I select the highlighted text to apply tracking changes, the selection turns to bright-blue-over-white-text, which turns to a dark-blue-over-white-text when the violation is not as pronounced, and eventually to black-over-white-text when the violation is resolved. My issue is that the dark-blue-over-white is difficult to discern from black-over-white.


      Admittedly, I may too fussy on this, but when doing large amounts of tracking changes, it slows me down (and hurts my eyes) to squint to determine if the selection is dark-blue-over-white-text, or black-over-white-text, and thus resolved.  Any way to change the default color for the dark blue background so it's more contrasting to black background when the H&J violation is resolved?


      If there's an answer here, maybe it would help someone else also.  Thank you!