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    Several questions

    D. Shelton

      I have several questions about creating forms to be filled out online.


           1.  Does more than 1 license have to be bought if multiple people want to use the program?


           2.  Can the form be printed by either myself or the person filling it out?


           3.  If yes to #2, is there a "Print" button that can be added.


      I'm trying to get as much information as possible before submitting a proposal.





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          1. Yes, if you want multiple people to use it, and you do not want to share the login, then you will need to purchase a team account. This can be done by logging into your account (if you are the one purchasing) then you upgrade to a team account and add the necessary seats (licenses) depending on the size of your team.
          2. The form can be printed by saving the form as a PDF then it can be printed from Reader or Acrobat.
          3. You will be printing either through the browser, Reader, or Acrobat, so there is no print "button" per se.