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    ACR 8.1 "Previous Conversion" bug?


      I just noticed when using ACR 8.1 that, when applying a "previous conversion" that includes a vertical manual lens transform, no vertical correction is made to the new file, but the new-file horizontal transform is made the negative of the old-file's vertical.  Thus, to be specific, if one had made a vertical transform of, say, -8 in the old file and then applied "previous conversion" to a new file, the new file's vertical would remain zero, but the horizontal would be +8.


      I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but I'm using ACR 8.1 with a licensed copy of CS6, not with a CC version.  I'm using MacOSX 10.8.4.


      Has anyone else noticed this or can someone try this to see if they find the same issue?