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    Relay of information


      I need to create 8 to 9 bespoke enquiry forms that need all information inputted in the form redirected to each of our 8 to 9 global offices. I love the idea of having all of the repsonses in one location, but I have read that the email only shows an overview of the information inputted into the form.Am I mistaken? Is it possible for all information inputted into the form to be sent instantly to the correct global office? My 2nd question is: In regards to the 5000 responses limit, is this the limit at any one time or can the responses be deleted in order to make space for more responses or is 5000 response limit the total overall limit?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          I want to make sure I understand correctly. You have 8 or 9 different forms, one for each office, right?


          Each form can have a different Notification email but you will need create an FormsCentral accout for each of the office (each office can have a free account). So your master account (paid account) has all the forms and each form is shared to the proper office account (can be a free account). Then each office account can go turn on Email Notifications. Basically we can only send notification to an email address which belong to an FormsCentral user who is an author or co-author of the form.


          Instructions on how to share can be found here : http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2462


          About your second question : You can export some responses and delete them to make room to more responses in the table. 5000 is the limit at a perticular time and not the overall limit.


          Hope this helps


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            Amycs008 Level 1

            Hello Gen


            Thanks for your fast reply, so each office would have to login to a made up adobe account to view any enquirys in full, that is such a shame I can not see all our offices doing this they would just want their enquiry to go straight into their email box. May I ask why this is not possible as you can have a noticfication but not the full content? I guess i will just have to code all the forms from scratch I was so excited as i love this concept and could see a lot of potential for the PDFs as well. So to clarfiy it is definetly not possible to send all the form information to a email and you have to log in to the form center to see all the forms replys?

            I really am disapointed with this such an amazing product that is just not suitable in this instance for our company our forms are our orders and enquires due to the nature of the business and having all of the information in one place would of been fantasic.

            Is there a reason the information can not all be sent to an email address?


            Kind regards


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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              I think there is a misunderstanding. Let me try to explain better.


              You just need to log in once to turn on Notifications Emails with those "made up" accounts. Then they will automatically receive an email (to the email address of the "made out" account) everytime someone submit the form. In addition you might publish the Response Table. This way anyone with the link can see the data and there is no need to sign-in.


              So in short : you can send the infomation to an email address. You just need to have an FormsCentral account with that email address.


              BTW the reason we required the email address to belong to a FormsCentral user is so that forms don't start emailing/spamming any mailboxes. The person receiving the emails needs to opt-in.



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                Amycs008 Level 1

                Hello Thank you for your reply, i appolgies for my delayed reply.


                So all the enquires in full, would actually come in via email to the asigned email address and that email account would only ever have to login once to form central to set up?


                I would have full acess to all responses to keep track off all responses?


                Is this correct, sorry but i am just trying to make sure this is correct.

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                  Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                  What I understand is that you have 8 or 9 different forms.

                  Each form can be shared with a different email address (the FormsCentral account for that email address can be free).

                  Each office will need to accept the invitation, create an account, verify the email address and then turn on email notifications.

                  They don't need to log in to FormsCentral after that and they will receive emails for each submissions for that perticuar form.


                  As the author of all these forms, you will have access to all the data in each of those forms. You can also receive email notifications too if you want to.


                  You can share the form as Reader so that the office don't have access to the Design Tab nor the Distribute Tab. They would only have access to a very limitted Options Tab (to turn on/off the email notifications), the View Responses Tab (without being able to modify the data) and the Summary Report Tab. You can also share the for as contributor if you want them to have more control or co-author if you want them to have full control of the form (but I don't think that is what you want anyway).


                  Information on how to share :



                  Information on how to turn on notifications :



                  Hope this clears things up