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    How do I prevent website from scrolling horizontally in Dreamweaver?

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      I have created a website that (although I'm not seeing scrolling on my computer and 2 others across multiple browsers) has a horizontal scroll bar when my client views on her computer. I am having problems troubleshooting since I can't see the problem so clearly. I am a little behind the curve on creating fully responsive sites and am convinced that something I did to make these responsive created the problem. If possible, can anyone take a look at the code for the links and tell me if you see any obvious corrections that I can make in Dreamweaver or to the code to make the pages horizontally stationary with no horizontal scroll bar? Please let me know if you require more information and what that is.


      Link 1: http://www.impressionsofbeauty.com/

      Link 2: http://impressionsofbeauty.com/corporate_indexb.html


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.