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    Green frames problem CS6




      I am desperately trying to fix this problem for hours, browsing everywhere but couldn't find anything, so i hope somebody here can help me.


      Screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/8dnRrE3.jpg


      Okay, the problem is, i have .MKV files, but to be able to edit them in Premiere Pro i have to convert them to .TS or .MP4. But when i import the mp4 or ts files into Premiere Pro some parts of the video are just green (even after render) as you can see on the screenshot. In my computer video player videos are unharmed and working, nothing green there. I have my Drivers updated and got the codecs.


      Specs -
      Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
      Windows 7 64-bit
      AMD Radeon HD 6800
      Intel Core I3-2100 3.10Ghz

      500Gb HDD (Got a lot of free space)
      4,00 Gb RAM


      Thank you for all the help.