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    Color warning in CS5

    Maryarena Level 1

      Hi, I just installed LR5 and use CS5.  I was going to edit my first image from LR into CS5 and when I was going to save it, I got this message:


      Are you sure you want to convert colors to a destination document with a color profile that does not match the current RGB working space?

      Source: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

      Destination: Adobe RGB (1998)

      Working: sRGB IEC61966-2.1


      I did not change any settings in any of both programs.  I have sRGB in LR and Photoshop.  Why is it converting to Adobe RGB?


      I have always used sRGB, because I mainly just show my photos in the internet.  I know nothing about Color Profiles, but I do have my monitor calibrated with Spyder3.


      Can anyone please explain why I am getting this message and how I can fix it??


      Thank you!



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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional
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            Maryarena Level 1

            Thank you very much for this tutorial!  From what I learned, I think that the file is being converted/or was converted, to RGB in LR in some way.  I just purchased LR5 and I think that when the catalogue was converted for use by LR5, the files might have been converted  to RGB.  My Lightroom working space is sRGB, my camera is also sRGB and I didn't have this problem before I upgraded, so it might be this.  I guess I will have to click the option to convert to CS5's workspace option, so I don't receive this warning all the time.


            Thank you very much!



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              thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Check both the Edit In preferences and Export preferences in LR. IF you don't use the Develop module with existing rendered images (not raws), opening them from within LR to Photoshop will honor their existing color space. But suppose you take an sRGB image from a camera that is cataloged in LR and edit it in Develop. When you export OR use Edit in Photoshop, the preferences could convert to another color space and then Photoshop would pop the dialog you've seen.

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                Maryarena Level 1

                My Preferences, in camera, Lightroom 4 and 5, and Photoshop all are sRGB.  I also checked in the Export Dialogue box and it has sRGB.  What I have done is following the Tutorial, I checked the optons for CS5 to convert to the actual Color Space and to NOT give me the diologue box warning.  This more or less solves me problem, BUT I wish I knew how the files ever got to be RGB.


                Thanks to all and Happy Father's Day to anyone of you that is a dad :-)