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    Shuttling between Premier Pro 5.5 and Final Cut Pro 7: media not "seen" by FCP


      I am currently working on a documentary in collaboration with an editor who uses FCP7. I want to prepare a rough cut on my Premiere Pro 5.5 station that eventually can be used by the editor on his FCP7 station.


      We made some unsuccessful tests, and here is the problem:

      1. From PP 5.5, I exported a "XML for FCP" file.
      2. I gave the editor an external hard drive containing the exact same directory/file structure as the one on my own hard drive.

      This XML file opens easily in FCP7, however FCP7 "sees" only the file name but cannot reconnect the media on the hard drive.

      What's the reason for this? Could it be related to the fact that PP 5.5, when importing media, is modifying the source files by adding an ID stamp?


      The file format used is MP4 (Sony XDCAM-EX3) imported to hard drive through the Sony Media Browser software on Windows 7-64. On the hard drive, each import creates its own directory (date and time of import).


      Thank you for any advice that could help!