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    Drag selected text

    handy1912 Newcomer

      Do I have to activate this faciliy somewhere as I can not move selected text in this way in my version of dreamweaver cs6

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          pziecina Ninja



          Dreamweaver is not a drag & drop program, and I know of no professional program that supports this feature for building standards compliant web sites.



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            Nancy O. Legend

            DW is nothing like Photoshop or Illustrator where you  drag things around the workspace.   If that's how you like to work, take a look at Adobe Muse. 

            The new CC products will be released on Monday, Jun 17.





            Nancy O.

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              handy1912 Newcomer

              Hello Nancy O,

              It clearly says in the missing handbook that it can be done ,and I have read more than once elswhere that it can be done. I think I must just have a rotten download as it is full of glitches will never close down properly and I follow a tutorial and it just does not do what the tutorial says it will do. I overcame my nav bar problem by using a software that inserted the code for me and it is working fine. I got my video html5 to play in a test site but when I try to get it into the real site it just is not happening. I am learning and have created a div for it floated it right to get it where i want it with right margin to bring it back in again but when it comes to getting the html code I am stumped. I am using html 5 video have put in source for ogg,mp4 and mv4 and flash backup and have read various alternatives of the correct way to do it which all differ in one way or another. Sorry to bore you with my problems . There is absolutely no point in putting code up here for you to see as I have tried so many different times all of which are said to work by the experts wthout success.

              At the moment I have a video div waiting for a video and will persevere. Once again thank you for trying to help.

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                handy1912 Newcomer

                I do not understand how these question sites work or if you can see what I said to Nancy O. I will repeat that it clearly says in the missing handbook by a Mc someone or other that you can move pictures and text in this way. I understand that coders are very sniffy about this sort of thing but the people who use the sites are not in the slightest bit interested in how the site is coded , they just want it to work. If this is not a facility suported by the program I can not for the life of me understand why in the edit section there is an undo drag command when the program fails to actually drag anything. If there was never intended to be a drag facility why is there an undo drag command in the edit column? Sorry to be noughty but I am getting pretty frustrated and it is not that I flatly refuse to code anything. After much reading I have a video div where I want in the page moved there with css but I can now not get the html for thehtml5  video to work. Thans for your input.

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                  Nancy O. Legend

                  It's very possible your server needs to be configured to support the audio/video MIME types. Otherwise they won't play.


                  If you're on a Linux/Apache server, create a text file in Notepad or similar plain text editor with the following content.  Save as .htaccess then upload to your site's root folder.


                  AddType audio/aac .aac

                  AddType audio/mp4 .mp4 .m4a

                  AddType audio/mpeg .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpg .mpeg

                  AddType audio/ogg .oga .ogg

                  AddType audio/wav .wav

                  AddType audio/webm .webm

                  AddType video/mp4 .mp4 .m4v

                  AddType video/ogg .ogv

                  AddType video/webm .webm


                  Click & drag in DW only works with absolutely positioned divs (aka layers).  APDivs are pure poison in primary layouts.  Don't use them.  Here's why.




                  PS.  It's not necessary to repeat your replies to each person. Your replies appear in the web forum for all to see. 



                  Nancy O.

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                    Ken Binney Ninja

                    Hi Nancy -


                    My old Macromedia versions allow me to drag & drop, even in Design View.

                    For example I am regularly updating a 6X6 table of linked Client Logos in alpha order.


                    Whenever I have to add a new logo, I just drag & drop to re-alphabetize the cells content.   Is this gone from new versions?

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                      Nancy O. Legend

                      No. You can still move text and images around by highlighting & dragging.  But I think the OP is looking for ways to drag divs into position. For example, you can't  click and drag the 3-boxes in this demo.



                      But you can click and drag these boxes because they're in APDivs.




                      Nancy O.

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                        Ken Binney Ninja

                        Thanks for the info, As useful feature disappear, I'm glad this is still there.

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                          handy1912 Newcomer

                          Hello Nancy O, Finally I have my video working beautifully but in IE8 the footer colour is brought right up beneath my video. The video I have is positioned immedeatly beneath the nav bar on the right side. I have been reading again and have tried a wrap div round the entire etidable area finishing above the footer but it did not stop it occurring. There is a jpg to fill the gap if it will not play. The code I have positions this absolute left 0. The videoplayer itself is positioned relative. I have also been reading about position but do not know if this has anything to do with the colour creep problem and am still confused about position. The video is fine in Chrome and Firefox, perfect position rest of page where it should be. I am learning and have got the video working here in Adobe in Expression web 4 and in Zara but I do find that different people give different coding examples for the same action which is confusing. Also when you ask a question it is very rare for anyone in your field to actually answer the question directly. ie. to do this you do a.b.and c.

                          Sorry to have a bit of a go especially as you are being particularly helpful. Yu must be aware though that the program is advertisedas wysiwyg which it certainly is not. Although my video is playing in the right place in the browsers I have agreat grey rectangle in design view on the left hand side where I want to put a picture and some text. Thanks for your help though and I am sure you will easily solve the creeping footer problem as it is bound to have happened before.

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                            MurraySummers Legend

                            I will repeat that it clearly says in the missing handbook by a Mc someone or other that you can move pictures and text in this way.


                            You can certainly move images this way, but where are you seeing that you can reposition text this way - I assume you are referring to Dreamweaver: The Missing Manual by David McFarland? If you could please give me a specific reference so that I can find that content that would help.

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                              Cozmicone Champion

                              You should be able to highlight text and other elements and then drag and drop them into other places. I know that I've run into the same problem in previous versions of Dreamweaver but I have no idea what caused it to finally work correctly. So, you're not insane and you can do it as I do this all the time. You can also see it here, http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=767326&seqNum=3

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                                Nancy O. Legend

                                Hello Nancy O, Finally I have my video working beautifully but in IE8 the footer colour is brought right up beneath my video.

                                Glad you got the video working.  The other problem could be margin collapse.  This sometimes happens with floated elements.


                                Try using CSS overflow:hidden on your parent container (the one that holds your floated elements).


                                This article explains what it does and why it works so well at float containment.





                                Nancy O.

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                                  handy1912 Newcomer

                                  Thank you Nancy O, but I have taken your previous advice and am trying the new Muse.

                                  I have  a site ready to go but guess what? I can not get the video working. I am having no joy in the forum there and the few tutorials I have been able to find brush over certain actions assuming I know how to do things that I do not. I have never known a business like this one where people pay good money for things that patently do not work, are constantly crashing and have no proper instructions or help available. I think it must be that as in my youth and you could not do anything you were advised to go into teaching. Nowadays for teaching read IT otherwise why would people having to earn a living put up with such attrocious service. Its like telling a man you have sold something that does not function properly to go onto the forums and see if you can sort it out for yourself.   Anyway I will persevere I just wanted to thank you for trying to help me..

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                                    handy1912 Newcomer

                                    Thank you Nancy O for sending me to Muse. A lovely collection of people and I now have my site live. Thanks for your help.