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    "Hard" shadows: there has got to be a way to do this

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      I've been exploring Drop Shadows, played with it, and understand it.  It's just that I'm getting a blurred kind of shadow, when I want a sharp, defined letter underneath.  Maybe I'm setting up the wrong effect..


      Taking the letter A in 72 pt (font doesn't matter, process does), here is what I want to do:


      Make the A black.

      Make the stroke around the A 2 pt of white.

      Set up another A behind it, about 2pt "southeast" of the original A.  This shadow A is 50% grey in both fill and stroke, and the edges need to be sharp, not blurred.

      The result is a "carved" effect.


      I set up the drop shadow's opacity for 100%, instead of 75%, thinking that would give it a sharp edge, but it's still blurred.


      Right now I'm doing this with two separate As, and I can't get the shadow exact for each page it will be on.  InDesign has to be able to do this; I'd just like to know how.  It's a very cool look, and will be even more cool if I can get it to look consistent.



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          Top is the two frame method, bottom is the drop shadow effect.



          Bottom effect has no size, spread, noise. 100% opacity, 40% k fill. Because it is not a vector effect, zooming in beyond the 100% or so zoom level, it will show pixelation. Next screen shot is the bottom of the two frame method, top of the effect method zoomed way in...




          If this is for print, the effect version will be fine.


          But if you want to use the two frame method, just us the transform panel to move one to a position that looks good to you, make note of the vertical/horiz offset, and apply it consistently to each set of frames you want the look and then group the frames so they cannot be accidently seperated.



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            I wound up doing the last option.  Many thanks!