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    PE 11 Timecode error 1014


      Have PE11 installed on new computer


      Followed instructions that came with PE11

      Turned on camera        Panasonic NV-GS 180 DV

      switched camera to playback mode

      Inserted tape into camera

      connected camera to desktop computer using USB port

      Started PE11

      open video editor

      open New Project

      click on -  add media

      click on -  DV Camcorder (usb 2.0)


      Debug Event box appears with   Premiere Elements has encountered an error    Srd/Timecode.cpp-1014


      Click on  "continue"


      get big white patches on screen  and egg timer   with nothing happening

      right click on screen

      option to   (a)close program  or  (b) wait for program to respond

      choose (b) nothing happens

      choose (a) "windows is checking"    message apears briefly before programme shuts down


      Whats wrong ???


      Ta Graham

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Being a miniDV tape camera (from what I can tell), what happens if you attach it to the computer via a FireWire 400 (IEEE-1394a/iLink) cable? Does PrE allow you to Capture from the tape in the camera?


          Good luck,



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            1958surferboy Level 1

            G'day Bill

            Thanks for your assistance (with this and my PE4 problems earlier)

            Yes it is Mini DV Tape  ( I guessing it's time to update my video camera now)


            I used a USB cable as that came with the camera and is what I used with the PE4

            and it seems that USB connection appeared to be a useable option in the choices listed

            I don't know if I have a firewire cable


            I am a computer idiot.. I have a box full of different cables but all cables look too similar and there seems to be a number of different firewire cables on the market


            I will take my camera to the guys who built my computer (3NX in Perth) and ask for their advice


            Ta Graham

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I have a box full of different cables but all cables look too similar and there seems to be a number of different firewire cables on the market

              You are correct. Each will have certain connections, and the one chosen will depend on the two connection types - the one on the computer (the iLink/FireWire-400/IEEE-1394a), and the one on the camera. Get those two connectors correct, and you have the cable that you need. I have a box of those too, plus USB, SCSI, Parallel, and Serial cables too - tons of them.


              In general terms, to Capture from miniDV tape to PrE, the FireWire is the standard. There is a rare instance, where one could Capture via a specialized USB cable, but that is not common - still, it did exist.


              Good luck,



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                1958surferboy Level 1

                Thanks Bill

                I will take the usb cable that came with the camera to the computer people who built my desktop to make sure i get the correct cable


                My wife took the cable and PE11 instructions (1 page !) to local electrical shop (Harvey Normans) and asked for a firewire cable

                The pimply faced young "salesperson" laughed at the thought somebody would be requesting OLD technology ! as they don't sell firewire cables

                and Dick Smiths You Beaut electrical specialst shop had 1 cable that wasn't the right one (it was the same pin on both ends)


                I am frustrated that the instructions and help page all say that I can connect the DV mini tape camcorder by the usb 2.0 cable but I can't


                I've been playing with the usb connection today and did manage to get a picture on to the screen but can't do anything with it !

                Was reading reviews on new camcorders and video editing software, one suggestion was to turn camera on AFTER starting PE11 (not before as in instructions)


                Got to capture screen

                Capturing source shows....... camera and ! in yellow triangle

                message ...... No DV camera detected

                switch camera on

                debug message appears (as before)

                capture source changes..... to picture of tape

                preview screen message changes to.....  your camera setting is different  to your project setting (click here to learn more) ( I clicked here, but didn't learn anything )

                click on black area of preview screen and debug message goes off screen (minimises)

                close message on preview screen

                Capture Button is red

                click on capture button and nothing happens

                if i play tape in camera at this stage it also plays in preview screen


                I don't understand computers at all but it seems the PE11 regognizes that a camera is attached and the camcorder can send the picture via usb but PE11 is having a problem finding it ???


                I hope the firewire cable helps ( I don't really want to spend money on a useless cable to add to the collection)





                PS I'm in Australia. what part of the world are you in ? Does it make any difference with the technology we are using ? Do you know Harvey Norman/Dick Smith outlets ???