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    iPhoto 11 and PSE 11: where is the image data stored?


      I have been using iPhoto on my new macbook for the last 3 mos. It has some useful features such as quick editing,  easy sharing and making neat collages etc. However its editing capability is limited and so i just bought PSE 11 for mac.


      My questions:


      1. I am trying to figure out as I import new pictures, where do I keep them, iPhoto or PSE? The pictures I take from iPhone , iPad obviously go into iPhoto first. However it is the photos I take with my other digital cameras that I am not sure where to bring them in. 


      2. If I import first into iPhoto and then into PSE, does the image data get duplicated?


      3. If I bring a photo from iPhoto into PSe and edit it, the picture remains in PSE. How do I take it back into iPhoto? Should I delete the edited photo from PSE after exporting it to iPhoto to avoid duplicate images?


      Your recommendations appreciated.