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    IMPORT Custom JAR files

      I managed to use NetBeans 5-5-1 to build a custom assembler for doing DataServices, I fully tested it connects to a remote hsqldb database server.
      Took my JAR file put it in <Where? was confusing/unclear> the libs/folder so Flex Builder locks it undeletable unless quit so it sees it while compiling (I figure).
      I even used the import menu item to import the JAR archive which extracted class files into the source tree!?
      Still no matter what I do I can't seem to IMPORT my class in to an mxml file as such...
      import mx.data.DataService;
      import my.custom.specialAssembler;
      I always get an Error...
      Definition my.custom.specialAssembler could not be found

      I feel this should be possible because I see other references to flex. mx. etc that work as one would expect.
      There doesn't seem to be a way to add JARs as you would expect (classpath, etc.) and it's extremely non intuitive as a programmer would expect.
      Please explain what is required or the developers should consider this critical to integration/adaptation with know standards... I get the feeling I'm only to use ActionScripts or something it's really odd.

      Your Totally Confused (+ new to flex and it's learning curve) Patron Gonzo