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    context-sensitive help windows

    maniac9999 Level 1
      We're using context-sensitve WebHelp (built with RH X5) and I'll be creating map ids and a new popup window that the development team will make calls to in their web app code.

      Can the development team customize this window or override the parameters that I've set in RH? Can I make it "flexible" so it can be what ever size and placement they want on the screen? They say they'll need the ability to place the pop-up window wherever they want, since the text that links to each context-sensitive window will be in different locations on the page and they don't want to be locked in to "upper right" or "upper left". Would this be similar to the "X,Y" parameters that we currently use for pop-ups in Dreamweaver?

      Is this functionality (resizing/repositioning pop-ups outside of RH) available with RH 6?