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    PC doesn't run any Adobe installers




      Newbie here.


      Along with it seems everyone else, I was having Flash Player issues with Firefox. Trying to install the latest version proved futile as Firefox kept hanging and seemingly wouldn't install it, even when employing thier fix suggestions such as uninstalling the older version and starting again. .


      When trying to install it directly from the Adobe site, the installer wouldn't repsond. I tried again and again, I even tried a different installer from Adobe but stil nothing. It seems my PC has developed an averison to Adobe installers.


      This is a huge nuisnace as a filmmaker, meaning I can't view many of my films or those of other filmmakers, especially on sites like Vimeo & YouTube, as well as letting my nephew play his online games.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.



      Windows Vista

      2Gb Memory


      2.2Ghz processor