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    Audio channel spliting and relinking???


      Hy folks,


      last week I got an annoying problem or maybe I didn't know how this function works or if it's even possible.


      I'm a convinced premiere CS6 user but some features are better in Final Cut - sorry that I have to admit it.

      Last week I got an Premiere CS6 project to finish up (it was already edited 90%). I recognized this sequence got 1 Audio track with an L and R channel and just the R channel was useful (the L was trash).
      I just couldn't throw the L channel away. I had to go back to the project window, modify the clips, place the R channel beneath the stereo channel, sync all the audio tracks manually and then replace the stereo track with the R channel. It worked, but I had to wast time to fix that. There could be an easier solution in my opinion.


      First I tried in the timeline to deactivate the L channel and than (like in final cut) pushing a slider from the R side to the center that the R mono channel is balanced to right and left equally, BUT there was no such slider. Something like this would be a big future improvement and a time saver if you set up a project in a non useful way .



      My question is: Is there an easy way (I don't know yet) to split a stereo channel into 2 mono channels in the timeline? OR, can I balance the right or left channel after turning off one channel (so the output isn't just on one side)?


      Another question: After syncing MANUALLY the audio clips again, I wondered if there is a feature where I can relink an audio clip (the same or in this case the momo clip (coming from the same AV-clip)) to the video clip after deleting it???
      Because sometimes you delete an audio clip (from an AV-file) and later you recognize this was a bad mistake - and you have no IN and OUT points set on the source file so you can just overwrite the clips? A feature like right click on the video clip and restore audio file from this video clip, and if you got an L/J edit for instance an window pops up and ask you if you want fill the empty audio space on the track (J/L edit stay untouched) or overwrite it and the video and audio clip have the same length???


      Is there a feature somthing like that I don't know???


      Because sometimes you work on a project with a few people and they are doing something what makes your life harder or a director/producer changes there mind like I'm faced everyday???



      Thanks in advance for helping and for clarifying!!!



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          There could be an easier solution in my opinion.


          There is.  Just add a track level Fill Right effect in the Mixer.  Maybe five seconds worth of work (if you're lazy about it ).



          a feature where I can relink an audio clip to the video clip after deleting it?


          Match frame the video.  This will open the clip in the Source Monitor with In/Out points set.  From there you can just drag down the audio and relink it to the video.

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            Mike2508 Level 1



            thx for your answer.

            Ok, I tried the fill right effect and that was exactly what I was looking for. An easy solution, and easier than in final cut

            you just have to know this effect, because I googled "split stereo track" etc. and got circuitous answers.


            and the match frame works fine as well, just have to get familiar with it.



            this was a big help and timesaver for the future.