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    Voice recording and uploading capability?

    Deaf Mike Level 1



      I use Flash CS4.


      I'm setting up a screening process for ASL interpreters where the user will come to a screen with a video player.  It will say "PRESS BUTTON TO RECORD YOUR VOICE."  When they do, they then need to start a video on the page.  The video will show a deaf person signing in ASL.  As the person watches the video, the person will translate the video by speaking and their voice is being recording.


      When the video ends, they will be prompted to stop the recording and then SOMEHOW they will then click a button that will upload their voice recording.  My client will then be able to play the recording on her end to gauge whether they did a good job translating the deaf person in the video.


      I'm familiar with Flash and have used it over the years, but I'm not a big-time programmer with code, so I'm hoping this will be something I can pull off.  If it requires too much coding, if someone could point me to something that's already made and ready to use (i.e., a widget) where I can just embed it into my web page I'd appreciate that as well.


      Obviously this will be an issue if we want to offer this type of screening process on mobile devices because Apple and Android no longer use Flash.  So I guess it will be only useful for desktops and laptops.


      Anyway, any help, advice, or tips are greatly appreciated.



      The Deaf Guy