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    microphone.rate = 44 problem (duck voice)

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      I´m developing an mobile app that uses microphone to record users audio.

      Testing on a Motorola Atrix MB860 Android 2.2.2, AIR 3.7 i got an audio crash as i posted here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5383742#5383742


      Now i changed the testing phone to a Motorola Rarz Android 2.3.5, AIR 3.7 and tested the same application. The first bug didint happen on this phone, but i´ve got another problem - i dont know if its an AIR bug or if motorola rarz microphone rate do not work on 44100Hz.


      The code:


      microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();

      microphone.rate = 44;


      When i record user audio like that, a really strange audio is recorded (something like a Formula1 engine).


      But when i record like this:


      microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();

      microphone.rate = 22;


      It works, but i need to convert that audio to MP3 format, using Shine (https://github.com/sri-soham/Shine-MP3-Encoder-on-AS3-Alchemy)


      The problem is that Shine only works with 44100Hz audio, so... the audio recorded at 22 rate looks likes Ronald Ducks voice!


      I´ve already tested microphone.setLoopBack(true); to hear whats the microphone is recording, and i´m pretty sure that the problem is on the input.

      Does anybody has got that problem? any idea how to solve this?


      Thanks a lot.