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    Elements 10: pics no longer have tags & red X

    Kesata13 Level 1

      Opening Elements 10 Organizer this morning, I discovered almost all my pictures no longer had the keyword tag assigned to them months/yrs ago. The key tags still remain on the side, but for each one only one or two photos show up when the tag is selected.


      When I tried to re-tag some of the photos, by selecting a few then dragging the keytag to a photo in that group, nothing happened. I tried using the apply tag at the bottom of the list, but saw a red X after the key tag name.


      What happened and how can I repair this without having to go back through my catalog and re-tagging hundreds of pictures?


      System Details:  Mac OS 10.6.8. 245GB HD storage available. Adobe Elements 10 Program last accessed three days ago to print some pictures, all photos tagged properly at that time.