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    Publish not coming up instead author coming up

    KishCq5@@ Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am also facing the issue where i am running publisher author is starting in up.


      I am trying to install both author and publisher CQ5.6 installations in linux machine. the steps which i folled is below


      1> i created an folder author and copied the quickstart.jar and licence porperties into it

      2) i renamed the file to aem5.6-author-p4502.jar and unpacked it using java -jar aem5.6-author-p4502.jar -unpack

      3)once it got unpacked succesfully i went inside /crx-quickstart/bin and ran ./start . the CQ author instance ran succesfully and i am able to see the login page on browser

      4) next i created one publish folder and inside it i copied the jar and licence properties.

      5)after that i renamed the jar to aem5.6-publish-p4503.jar and unpacked it and went inside /crx-quickstart/bin and started the publish server  by ./start


      interestingly publisher  started running on port 4502 and when i check the browser http://localhost:4503/ dosent come up only author is running. I am doing this in Red Hat Linux and I am using AEM 5.6.


      Please let me know if i am missing any confguration.