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    Transferring book to ereader


      After I download my books from the library and they appear in adobe digital editions library I cannot transfer them to my ereader.After I have dragged

      my book over to my ereader a message comes up that I have no access.

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          sjpt Level 4

          Have you authorized the eReader with the same ID as your copy of ADE?


          Under ADE2.0, menu~Help~Authorize Device

          Under ADE1.7.20, in Library view, menu~Library~Authorize Device

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            lynnb3 Level 1

            I,m not sure how you do this.I never had to do this with my other computer

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              sjpt Level 4

              To make it work, you need the computer and the device authorized with the same AdobeID.

              This must be an explict AdobeID, not an 'authorize computer without ID'.


              Maybe you registered the old computer with your AdobeID, and the device from that?

              And maybe with the new computer you have not yet registered your AdobeID?

              Assuming you are on ADE2.0, check that with ctrl-shift-I to ADE (cmd-shift-I on Mac).

              That will tell you the ID you are registered with.


              If the new computer isn't registered with your ID,

              1. crtl-shift-D to ADE to remove any trash registration it may have
              2. restart ADE
              3. Register ADE with your AdobeID (ctrl-shift-U)