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    Placing a Word doc into Indesign

    lwood@pvcc.edu Level 1

      I am trying to place a word doc with a table and chart into an Indesign doc.  Everything (text and table) imports except for the chart.  What am I doing wrong? Thank you

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How'd the chart get into Word?



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            lwood@pvcc.edu Level 1

            The word doc is from a client.  I'm assuming it was created in Word.  I have to admit I'm not an expert in Word and especially not in creating charts.  They are all lovely charts, pie charts, tables etc and I am having a hard time recreating them in Indesign.  i'd rather just import them but it's proving to be very difficult.


            If they were not created in Word would that explain why they are absent when I place the word doc? or maybe they were created in another word doc and imported into another word doc where the text was created?  ... just thinking out loud....

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Could easily have been pasted from Excel. If that's the case they'd be in there with OLE and I'm guessing they won't wind up in ID. Do you have Word? If so, open the file and check it.



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                MW Design Level 5

                Alternatively, try making a PDF from the word doc and in acrobat, export the charts as either EPs or PNG images. If you have office installed and they were ole objects you should be able to double click on them or click on them and choose to edit in excel. If so, you could PDF the charts from excel and place those in ID.



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                  lwood@pvcc.edu Level 1

                  I do have Word.  I don't know how to tell if the charts are OLE's or not.  But I think they are built within Word.  When I select them all the menus for editing charts appear. 


                  I can drag and drop them into InDesign but the resolution is aweful.  


                  I have recreated a few of the tables and charts in InDesign although they pale in comparsion to the fancy options of the original charts created by the client.  I'm a little embarrassment that Word creates such nice charts and Indesign is so antiquated.  I had no idea.  It has turned what should of been a quite and painless project into a nightmare.  for what I'm being paid and the amount of time I've had to dedicate to this is maddening!

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                    lwood@pvcc.edu Level 1

                    Mike,  Wow, that's a lot of work!

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                      Ok, slow down, catch your breath... When you place files or images into Indesign, you are only placing a link, not the actual file... Therefore, to save computing space, images are in low resolution... They will still print in the native or original resolution the file was created in.  There are a couple of ways to show the graphic in high resolution within CS6, right-click the graphic in question and at the bottom of the menu there should be an option to change it - but even still, it will print out in the imported resolution.

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                        Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You've got to realise the Microsoft Word is a typing tool and that InDesign is a Page Layout tool - it's not a tool for designing charts or things like that.


                        Illustrator is the correct tool to create the charts in, and you place these Charts into InDesign as a link - InDesign is the page layout tool - it's not a content creator for your graphics. Although it has some facilities for basic tasks it's not the correct tool to use.


                        With InDesign you have to have all the material as External sources - from your Text that is supplied, to raster images (like photos) to Illustrations/Charts and other things.


                        inDesign combines all these items into the Page Layout and you make print ready files from InDesign.




                        Baring that in mind - you will need to extract the Charts from the Word file and you will need to Place them as a Link into your page layout.



                        I think Mikes solution is pretty good and wouldn't take any time at all - it would preserve the style and layout of the charts to be placed into InDesign.