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    Jumbled code help

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      Here's the problem. My first attempt at it alone, designing and creating a site, to a friend's spec's (he had an idea, I made it come to life). Everything was fine until it went live and checked it on someone else's screen... it was fine on my screen. When I requested help with the email link on the forum, I was told my code was jumbled and it needed to be cleaned up. I designed in Dreamweaver CS3 in design mode. I don't know html, although I do know other languages, just don't know html YET. If anyone is willing to give me a hand or share some advise with me, I would be greatly appreciative. This site is for a friend, there is no funds being exchanged and I don't want to let my friend down. The link is below. If necessary, I can also send, separately, the actual Dreamweaver files. There is a slight change between the Home and the other pages since I attempted to change the layout and then stopped out of frustration, but luckily the original website is set up as a php not html (not sure what the difference is) so although mine is live, it's not the "main" site.


      main site: http://www.jasmine-cafe.com/index.php