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    Sound plays through Matrox MX02 instead of Komplete Audio 6 USB Device =(

    paus akid Level 1

      In Adobe Premire Pro CC I can't use my NI Komplete Audio 6 usb device for playback. Instead sound always comes out of my Matrox MX02 when I'm scrubbing or playing.


      Under Preferences -> Audio Hardware -> Default Device I have selected Komplete Audio 6. When I hit ASIO settings it brings up the expected Komplete Audio 6 Control Panel.


      Under Preferences -> Playback -> Audio Device I see options for Adobe DV, Adobe Desktop Audio, and Matrox Player but no Komplete Audio 6.


      My system is a custom built Windows7 PC. Any advice on getting sound out of my Komplete Audio 6 instead of the Matrox MX02 would be much appreciated!