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    contact form submit button triggering JS?


      I have a nearly complete Edge animation. Once I learned one can import HTML divs done elsewhere, I made and styled an email contact form to match the design of the animation, and wrote PHP to send the email upon clicking the Submit button. What I need is a line of something, I guess JavaScript, to put in the PHP that tells EA to show a div that says "Thanks!" (actually, to move the master playhead to a place with that).

      Is it possible, or am I better off making the Submit button in EA? Wouldn't that disrupt the HTML <form>?Or should I rewrite the whole form in JavaScript, like I saw in another forum thread () ?

      I have put the HTML page with the animation, as well as the HTML with the form div, the CSS that styles it and the PHP that submits it, onto my server, to show as an example. I can give the URLs, though I can pack it however is the custom here.