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    Encore CS5


      Authoring templates do not include play movie or scene selection?

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          Stan Jones Ninja

          They include buttons for this, and regular (for play movie) and submenu (for scene selection). But you must link  your movie timelines to the buttons.

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            Shutterbug Newcomer

            Thank you Stan. In past projects the templates from the library have always included the play movie and scene selection in the first template.As of now In the sub-templates the toggles to main menu and back and forward are there.

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              Are you saying something is not as it should be? And if so, which template? I'll take a look.

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                Shutterbug Newcomer

                I just looked at other templates in the library and the toggles are there. It is only in the one I am using that they are missing. It is in the travel file and the template is the beach wide and the beach wide BG.

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                  Shutterbug Newcomer

                  I have a second question. Do you know if additional templates are available for downloading from Adobe?

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                    Shutterbug Newcomer

                    I just looked at a previous project using the same template and I see where I had to create the play movie and scene selection withing the beach wide template using the windows within the template. I can take it from here. Thanks again.

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                      Stan Jones Ninja

                      Interesting. The Beach templates are different from most others: the "main" Beach menu does not have a button to link to the submenu. It is almost like this one a 3 vacation submenu, and the submenu, the same, with thumbnails.


                      In any event, it is the odd one out.


                      The Beach BG is a background image only, not a template.

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                        Stan Jones Ninja

                        I do not think there are any more. If you have the backgrounds, you probably have what used to be the "Resource Central," and that is all the Encore content.

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                          the_wine_snob Legend

                          There are, or at least WERE additional Menu PSD's available, though not from Adobe. There was a UK company, that had a rather large portfolio of Menu PSD's for purchase, though, IIRC, most were of a wedding theme.


                          Also, Jon Geddes' PreComposed has many active AE Menus for purchase, as well.


                          Many users just sort through the Library Menus (and Buttons), to find a structure, that works in their Project, and then use Photoshop (though Encore can modify Menus too) to customize that structure, to suit their needs. Over the years, I have customized many of the Library Templates, and Saved many, for later use in similar Projects. If one understands the building blocks of the Menu PSD's, Photoshop makes that operation very easy.


                          I also find it useful to study the construction of other Library Templates, for graphic design ideas, and will often press those ideas into use, on other Library Templates, with a structure, that works for me. I also rely on several DVD Menu graphic design books, for ideas. Most do not go into great detail on the mechanics of the construction, but more on the graphic design of the Menus - still, they get me thinking. Many commercial DVD's are great resources for ideas of what you think works well, both graphically and mechanically.


                          Good luck,