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    Mercury Playback is blind - ati 5770

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I am on a macpro quad 3.0 / 10 gigs ram /1,1/


      Yesterday i installed a ati 5770 to replace my x1900. I did not have a displayport cable so i installed the 5770 in slot 1 and the x1900 (for other diplays) in slot 2 along with my BM Intesity. The 5770 has 16x lane and the 1900 has 1x.


      I did the get info trick to get mercury on lion with cs6. Mercury is there and doing what i expect kinda.


      However niether the source monitor or the sequence monitor will show the video.

      It loads / it plays the audio / it drag to the timeline / it allows for filter and accepts edits. It does everything accept show the frames.


      If i switch back to software it shows the video.


      Has anyone seen this?