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    Fuzzy when finished


      I am using Premiere Elements 11 in Windows 8.  I can edit my videos fine, and as long as they are still in editing mode, they play great, clear as a bell.  But as soon as I "finish" the file in any mode - burned to disc, saved in various formats - it comes out fuzzy, blurred might be the better word.  I thought at first it was because my camera was old, but I've bought a brand new HD one and the problem is still the same.  I have tried pretty much every file type the program has available and the result is still the same.  WMV is the closest to being clear, but even it is fuzzy when compared to the original file or the preview in editing mode.  What's going wrong?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          1.What are the video and audio properties of the footage you are putting on the Premiere Elements 11 Windows 8 64 bit Timeline Expert view? I especially interested in whether the footage is interlaced or progressive and, if interlaced, whether Scan Order = Upper Field First or Lower Field First. Are you set up for NTSC or PAL?


          2. What are you or the program setting as the project preset? If you do not know, please check Edit Menu/Project Settings/General for what is shown for Editing Mode, Timebase, and Frame Size.


          3. Is your computer optimized? Are your video and audio card drivers up to date from the point of view of the information from the manufacturers of those cards as well as from the Device Manager information?


          4. Are you doing burn to DVD, Blu-ray, AVCHD and, if doing, export to file for hard drive, what specific choices have you made under Publish+Share/Computer/?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.





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            origamilover Level 1

            1. NTSC and if you will tell me how to figure out the rest of that question, I'll be happy to answer it.


            2. When I click on Project Settings/General it says the Editing Mode is HD 1080i, the Timebase is 29.97 frames/second, and Frame Size is 1920 horizontal 1080 vertical.  The Editing Mode and Timebase are gray and can't be clicked.  The only thing I can click is the Playback Settings next to it.  It says something about 24p Conversion Method and Interlaced Frame (2:3:3:2) is clicked, so that might answer part of question #1.


            3.  Yes, everything appears to be up-to-date.


            4. Burn to DVD and I've tried MPEG, AVI, and Windows Media.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the information posted.


              We still need to get at the properties of what you are putting on the Timeline. We could do this several ways


              a. If I knew the brand of camera and model plus your camera settings, we could figure out the request.


              b. If you ran your video through a free program such as MediaInfo, we could get a properties readout with all the requested information.



              From what you wrote about project settings, you are set for 1920 x 1080 16:9 @ 29.97 interlaced frame per second. That is the default setting for Premiere Elements 11. We just need to determine if it stayed at the default because the program could not pin point your video properties or whether those are really your video's properties.


              So if you we put together the information via a or b, that would be a great help.


              Into this mix, comes the matter of Scan Order if interlaced video, either Upper Field First or Lower Field First. So, part of the DVD-VIDEO work may need to involve the switching for Scan Order if you have interlaced video. May sound more complicated than you would like, but it is not. We will work together and figure it out. If your project settings are corrected and you have interlaced video and your destination is DVD video, then you could right click the video, select Field Options/Reverse Field Dominance and see if that makes a difference for your DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc results. But if the footage is destined for export to file on hard drive, there should be no problem with Scan Order since you can go Upper Field First (video on Timeline) to Upper Field First (in export setting)


              Let us see how this goes. When you say that everything is up to date, like card drivers, is that up to date according to the card's manufacuturer's web site?


              Looking forward to your reply,





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                origamilover Level 1

                b. O.k.  I ran it through the mediainfo program and this is what came up:


                BDAV: 25.2 MiB, 20s 974ms

                1 video stream: AVC

                1 audio stream: AC-3

                1 text stream: PGS

                Overall bit rate: 10.1 Mbps

                Maximum Overall bit rate: 18.0 Mbps


                First video stream:

                9 392 Kbps, 1440*1080 (16:9), at 29.970 fps, AVC (High@L4.0) (CABAC/2 Ref Frames)


                First audio stream:

                256 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 2 channels, AC-3


                First text stream:



                I hope all of that makes more sense to you than to me, and I hope it is what you need.  If not, let me know and I'll try again.


                As far as the up-to-dateness, yes, even according to the manufacturer's web site.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Since you are going from high-def to DVD or, even more so, to much lower resolution formats like WMV, you may want to consider this FAQ. A 720x480 or a 320x240 video will ALWAYS look blurry when viewed full-screen on your computer when compared to high-def video.


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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thank you for your updated information. Let us focus on the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc that you obtained from Premiere Elements 11.


                    NTSC DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc


                    Based on your video properties, please set the project preset yourself. Do not let the program automatically do it for you. To do this:

                    Open a new project.

                    Immediately go to File Menu/New/Project and set the project preset for:

                    NTSC AVCHD HD1080i25

                    Make sure that you have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on this Project" before exiting that area.


                    Back in the Premiere Elements workspace, import your video with Add Media/Files and Folders. From Project Assets, drag your video to the Timeline.


                    Next right click the video, select Field Options/Reverse Field Dominance. We are doing that because your interlaced source no doubt was characterized by Field Order Upper Field first and DVD-VIDEO's standard requires Field Order Lower Field First. As alternative to applying Field Options/Reverve Field Dominance, we could have selected the project preset


                    Hard Disk Flash Memory Camcorder


                    and let that project preset take care of the field change automatically.


                    Look at the rendered Timeline for what you have and, if it looks ok, then continue to Movie Menu and Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc using the preset for NTSC DVD-VIDEO widescreen.


                    When you were still in the Edit Mode, if you thought that you saw any "flicker", you can highlight the clip, go to Applied Effect/Motion Panel expanded, scroll down to the Anti-Flicker option there, and take the slider all the way to the right (1.0).


                    Let us see what that looks like at playback on computer or TV DVD player.


                    As for the wmv, I am not sure to what SG is referring when he mentions "...much lower resolution formats like WMV...." since there is no problem obtaining a HD .wmv by customizing the export settings under the Advanced Button/Video and Audio Tabs in the Windows Media area. In that regard, please confirm if you have been adjusting your WMV settings prior to export or just leaving them with default values without going to the Advanced Button options.


                    Even though you started out with 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9 @ 25 interlaced frames per second and set the project preset accordingly, for export I would recommend an export to file choice using 1920 x 1080 instead of the 1440 x 1080. Reason: both will give you a display of 1920 x 1080, and, with the 1920 x 1080, you do not have to depend on a 16:9 flag beging recognized by the player.


                    In the above I am assuming that your goal for your source media (1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9) is DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc and HD file saved to hard drive. In the latter case, please defail what you are doing so that we might customized the setting under the Advance Button/Video and Audio Tabs to give you the best results possible. Specifically are you looking for a HD or SD file to save to the hard drive?


                    Please review and we will find tune from there.