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    Buttons going no where.

      I have created an image where it has two different invisible buttons on it. Neither of the buttons are overlapping each other but I am pretty sure I have some sort of layering error as when I alter the order via "back to front" one button works and the other button takes me nowhere.

      So with this said, how do I make both of the buttons work. Is there some sort of special layering system or code I am missing...

      I am using the standard

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          Here is a handy trick that might help. Go to your Object Inspector and
          type in "the rollover" (without quotes). Then mouse over your stage.
          it will tell you which sprite will receive the event if you were to
          click on it. Typically, it will be the sprite under the cursor that is
          in the highest numbered sprite channel.

          Once you see how to place your sprites, it should be a lot easier to
          make things work.