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    Difference between adaptive tracks & normal Mono

    m-sanchez Level 1

      Sorry - I can get it.


      Target is to export Multichannel MXF for broadcast use.


      I have to put PGM Audio on Track 1+2 and international Feed on Track 3+4.


      I can do that in two ways I guess and I don't understand whats the differece.


      Creating a 4-Track Mutlichannel Sequence with Stereo Tracks - map Audio Track 1 (Stereo) to Channel 1+2 and Audio Track 2 (Stereo) to Channel 3+4. Done!?


      Or - creating an adaptive Sequence with 4 Channels mapped to 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 and route every Track seperatly to it's corresponding Channel. Of course, that way I can handle every Track seperatly but is this better to get my MXF Export right?


      Sorry, if my english is weird - it's not my native tongue.