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    Connell Images

      I sent this message to NIK support tonight. 


      On june 10th of this year when I opened my CS6 Photoshop, I recieved a message saying it stopped working.  I tried everything and finally had to contact Adobe tech support.  They got it fixed . . . by making me remove my NIK s Plug-Ins from CS5 & CS6. 

      I want to know why.  I love the NIK product and I paid good money buying the plug-ins.  Can I get the "Complete Collection" replace with a stand alone product or can you tell how I can get it to work with Photoshop CS5 & CS6.  I am not happy.  Need answers


      I want this fixed or some solution.  My CS6 is stopped again. I can only open it without third party plug-ins.  What is up.


      Mark Connell

      Connell Images