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    Problem receiving sound from microphone, when more than one exists in windows.


      Hi all.


      I need some help with a problem I've been having for a long time, and cannot solve.


      I am using NetConnection and a VideoDisplay in order to stream a video (with sound) from a user's PC webcam, to my Flash Media Server.


      I'm having no problem with my video (the picture) I'm getting.


      The problem is with the sound -

      I see that when the user has more than one microphone in Windows (and in Microphone.names array) - I'm getting no sound, and no microphone activity, even though the users's microphone is OK in windows.


      I found no way of fixing this.

      I even tried attaching all of the microphones to the stream, but this does not help:


      for (i = 0; i < allMicNames_array.length; i++)





      This was my original code:



      mic = Microphone.getMicrophone();



      Help anyone ?


      Thanks, Koby.