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    Error in spelling logic in Russian version

    VitAl2013 Level 1

      1. Do paragraph style as English language.

      2. Write a few text boxex with such style but in Russian language.

      3. Change paragraph language to Russian for correct spell checking.


      Don't know as other, but I see all Russian text marked as error and can do nothing or can't undestand how refresh spelling results somehow native. Save and reload not help too. Only if I choose text manualy and change language to English and after that back to Russian - text marked as OK. Lets imagine that I have manual with hundrets of such text boxes - to whom I should say "thank you"?! I saw something the same only lot of year before in MS Word 95 or earlier.


      By the same resons all tables marked as errored. And I don't see any ability change language in all cells at ones. Surprise-surprise...

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          VitAl2013 Level 1

          Found funny and unlogic decision from point of users view. I just add some word in users dictionary and all doc was refreshed. Nothing to say - native system.


          In the same time I found that if I add some word to user's dictionar all text box loose red marks - all errors ( I mean not only added word of cource) erased and not refrash back. Error in logic on face.

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