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    Premiere CS6 crashes every time exporting

    Kazari -CR-

      Hi, I'm having big problems with a project that was working well before.

      Some day it refused to export anything, crashing 10 seconds after start.

      It's the only project that has a problem I think.


      My project is a multicam mix , with dvc pro HD , .mov from Dslr, and a go pro.

      So 5 cameras edited for a 35 minutes concert.


      I tried many things including things from internet , now every song has its own sequence.

      I had done exports in 720p before it started to crash, wich could have been used for youtube,

      but I have to do correction onto the titles. And I don't want my 720p h264 files to be export an compressed again,

      knowing that I would loose also opacity onto the titles to correct them.


      My computer is only used for editing, it has no internet on it.

      I've just reinstalled Win7 ,and CS6.


      My last solution was to buy 2 SSD ( one for System and one for Media ) to see if it was a bitrate problem,

      but the problem is still there.


      My configuration is the following :


      Asus  P5qe, Intel core2 quad Q9550, 8Gb DDR2,

      Gainward gtx460 2Gb GS,

      Media disk : Lacie 4Big 2To (Raid 0),     / Sandisk Ultra plus 128 Go

      System disk : WD 10000 Rpm 160 Go    / Sandisk Ultra Plus 256 Go

      Preview disk : Samsung 300 Go




      As I don't find any useful help on, the forum , I try this ask before making up my 720p exports.


      If anybody can help me I would be graceful.