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    About the links


      When using CS5.1 and making the links, you have to put a picture you want to make a link in the same folder of which you are currently making. If you do not put a piture in the same folder and put it outside of the folder, Illustrator tries to find the similar or same-named picture from outside of the folder. Is it true?

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          Jacob Bugge Legend



          The way I (mis)understand it, you can link to different images wherever you wish, independently of of another (File>Place, tick Link). Obviously, if you are going to send a document with links, it is easier to have linked images in the same folder.

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            Mysweetfish Newcomer

            Thank you for your reply.

            I recently started using Illustrator and maybe dont understand it very well...but

            The problem I have right now is like this↓


            I prepare two kinds of images(Images A=the images to put at last, Image B=the same named dummy images of A

            I use the images B to make your I put images in the right position.)


            I want to put some images by using link. (Think this image as A)

            I want to put font and sentenses as well.

            While putting fond and sentences, I want to put some dummy pictures (B)

            The thing is I have to give the images A and B the same name so that I correctly make links.


            I wonder if the images A and B, since they have same name, are incollectly put in the page if I happen to delete some images...

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              Jacob Bugge Legend



              You can use Replace in the Links palette flyout to replace dummy images with the right ones; it would seem safer to use different names, and you can have them in the same folder for easy replacement.


              Is there a special reason to use dummy linked images? One might imagine it would be easier/better to work on top of the real thing.

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                Mysweetfish Newcomer

                My coworker says I have to use dummy liked images because it takes less volume?? The real image is very big in volume made by eps and dummy one is low-resolution image made by jpeg.

                Also she says I have to use same names so that the file places the low-resolution image..Does it make sense?


                Sorry for complecated ask...

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                  Jacob Bugge Legend



                  The point of using linked images is to keep the file size down, so it should make little difference.


                  You may try a simple test by linking to the A images and to the B images and compare.


                  You may also try to compare the time it takes to have the different kinds of images show when you change the screen view in different ways.