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    Transmit API: How to send video to another running app.



      I'm not a programmer so excuse my ignorance.

      Just trying to scope a project.


      We'd like to get a live video output from Premiere to use in another app.

      The idea is to use a video stream from Premiere as a texture map for a navigable 3d model.

      It's for doing really rough 3d previs work.


      We have an existing version of the 3d previs app that does the same thing with imported quicktime movies.

      But our coder has not used the Premiere SDK before.


      Wondering if we can use Transmit somehow... to treat our app as an external monitor.

      Any pointers on how to go about this... or better still... is there anyone out there who might be up for helping us on this (low-budget but paid) project?


      Many thanks


      Marcus Lyall

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Marcus,


          Yes, the Mercury Transmit API sounds like way to go for you.  I'd recommend starting from the sample project "Transmitter".  Build it into the PPro plug-ins folder (as described in the SDK Guide.pdf documentation, chapter 1, "How To Build the SDK Projects").  Your developer can set breakpoints in the transmit sample code and run a debug session with PPro, to observe how transmit plug-ins are called, and what kind of information they are passed.  It sounds like you won't working with audio, so you can just turn that off in the sample.  Chapter 9 of the SDK Guide has much more info on concepts in the transmit API.