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    Setting Up for Slideshow & Audio - Export Issues

    gdkaufmann Level 1

      Please forgive any obvious ovesights. I recently started to work with Premiere Pro CS4 to develop still image slideshows with multitrack sound imported as a two L/R stereo tracks in a WAV file created in Audacity.


      So far I'm just playing around with the program trying to make it work for what I need.  I haven't had any formal training.


      Setting up a project and dragging/dropping elements into the project seems to work okay.


      And I can put my audio track where it needs to go and drag still images onto the timeline.  Transitions are so far no problem.


      But when I try to export.  I get nothing.


      When I go to File>Export>Media the "Export Settings" window comes open with an empty black box, and the blue scrubber is set to 13 seconds.  Even if I try to set in/out points by clicking on the little triangles, I get othing.


      Any thoughts?


      Overall, are there thnigs I can do when setting up my project/sequence that will make export, rendreing, or any other parts of making a slideshow ( stills only - NO video) work better?


      Can you point me to any reources specifically for Premiere Pro slideshows?