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    My .chm file no longer compiles

      Help! My .chm file no longer compiles. RoboHelp thinks it is compiliing a file, but the result is 10 percent of the file size of previous versions and, of course, does not open. All other SSL's seem to work.

      I am publishing to RoboEngine (WebHelp Pro) for the primary layout. I also maintain a test site using WebHelp and generate several printed layouts. I use the .chm as a backup of my project, per Rick Stone's advice (see Tips & Tricks, Backup Strategy). I have had no problems with the layout until last week.

      Before you ask, yes I am storing and compiling all files on a local drive. I just copy the .chm to a network drive for backup and publish the remaining layouts to their respective web-homes.

      Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!