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    Flash Player fails to update from Download Center


      I have been trying, with no success, to install the latest version of Flash Player on my PC. When I am directed to the Download Center, it is a blank page, minus the header for Adobe Flash Player. This is extemely frustrating. My PC had operated just fine, allowing us to play all types of games on FaceBook, until sometime in February, when all of a sudden, error messages began appearing, games would no longer load and would sort of hang up showing perhaps a 31% loading message and just remain at that percentage. My fiance used to play WGT Golf game and Poker Stars, and now he cannot play those, as they, too, fail to load! I am frustrated beyond belief at this point in time. I do not understand how some games can still work on my PC, and others cannot. Please, someone help me figure out what is going on with the Flash Player on my PC! Thanks much, Lauretta Phillips