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    Immune to adjustmentlayers


      Hey, this has been bothering me for a long time and i haven´t found any solutions!

      I need an adjustmentlayer to key my clip (not possible to just key the clip in my situations) but it also keys the clip under the clip that I want to key.


      If you didn´t get it, I´ll give you an example. I want to replace my sky with better one, and I have to make masks because i don´t want any water to be keyed and the clip is moving btw. When I have everything done and the better sky under the original clip and I use the key(s), sky turns black.


      There is some hard ways that I have to cut my clip on pieces and stuff, but I have moving masks and many clips, so it would take a lot of time to key every single clip, and even if not it would be much simplier to just make the clip invisible to the adjustment layer, or make the adjustmentlayer to effect only one clip would be awesome too. Thanks anyways, I understand if this is impossible, but "invisible to adjustmentlayers" option should be added if it is! =)

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          That's not the way that adjustment layers work. Adjustment layers apply to the composite result of the layers beneath.


          If you want to have an adjustment layer apply to only a certain set of layers, then precompose those layers together and use the adjustment layer in the precomposition.

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