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    Help "after effects error ray- trace 3d initial shader compile failed" !!!


      Hi all, Im Leo and I hope you can resolve my problem with AE, here is the problem:


      First of all, I've got a GTX600 (non ti) and seems that AE CS6 haven't support for this card, so I decided look for how to use the GPU of the card, cause AE only allow me to use CPU. Finally I found an answer, editing the

      "raytracer_supported_cards.txt" file and include my GTX 660. I did and seems that all worked good, could use my GPU, but then, when I try to run the program it showed me this messenge "effects error ray- trace 3d initial shader compile failed", and when I closed the program another error, must force close.


      Here some images:









      So I don't know how to fix it, if anyone could help me.


      By the way:


      I downloaded the latest nvidia drivers and CUDA, reinstalled AE with latest version and this still happening.


      P.S: I use Windows 7