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    Adobe Reader  support for Nook HD+


      I have a laptop running XP Pro with service pack 3.  Also have all updates including AR XI.  AR XI will not open PDF documents I want to transfer to my recently purchased Nook HD+.  After 3 days of searching I finally found a link to supported reader devices with a list of other Nooks but not the HD+.  Why is that and when will it be corrected?

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          Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Barnes and Noble only recently added support for Apps from Google Play to the Nook HD+. Have you downloaded and installed Adobe Reader for Android through Google Play?

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            three3meows Level 1

            Thank you for your suggestion.  I have done as you indicated and it leads me

            back where I have always ended.  On My Computer I click on the Nook icon

            (right and left click) and get a new window with an IE icon and the words of

            Nook setup.  When I click on that I get a new window from B&N with

            instructions to click on a link for Nook setup.  Following those

            instructions I get another window with a PTF icon for Nook setup.  When I

            click on that I get a message stating that my device is not supported or the

            file was damaged in downloading.  I know it is not damaged because I have

            copied the file to a thumb drive and opened it with no problems.  I stand by

            my previous statement that I found a list on the Adobe website for supported

            devices for Adobe Reader and did NOT find the Nook HD or HD+ on the list.

            Other earlier Nook versions were listed but not the HD or HD+.  I have come

            to the conclusion that is the underlying problem and have so notified B&N

            Nook support.




            Since both the AR XI and Nook HD+ are relatively new, I suspect that either

            Adobe has not had time to write the app for HD+ yet or no one has yet

            realized that it is needed.  As more people buy the HD+ and identify the

            problem both companies will be bombarded with complaints about this issue.

            If you agree with my analysis, how soon do you think this can be corrected?

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              Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              I think I understand some of the confusion here now, but perhaps not all of it.


              I now notice that you are saying that Adobe Reader XI cannot open these PDF files, in addition to asking about the Nook HD+.


              There is an app for the Nook called Adobe Digital Editions that reads ePub and eBook protected PDF books. This is a different application than Adobe Reader. It appears that there was an Adobe Digital Editions app for earlier Nook devices, but not for the Nook HD+. Unfortunately, I do not know about the Adobe Digital Editions and Nook HD issue, but I can transfer this to the proper forum where perhaps you can get some help there.