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    Page has a custom page size message

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      On the master pages, on a locked layer, we have a frame whose content is set to "Undefined" that is sized to exactly match the page size. This is so the page trim can easily be seen and measured in PDF and when printed and we've never had any trouble with it before.


      We have a file in which when we change the starting page number that frame goes out of position by 9 pts toward the outside of the pages. When we reapply a master to that page (even if its the SAME master) we get the message "Page ## has a custom page size. This page can retain its current size or be resized to match the new master."


      If we select "Keep current size" the outer frame to mark the page trim stays in the wrong position. If we select "Use master page size" that frame gets set correctly.


      I've checked the page size at all stages using both the page tool and the button on the pages pallet and it shows the page size to be exactly what the rest of the pages and the document are set to, so I don't understand why I'm getting this message.


      The first problem I was made aware of with this file is that when we ran our script to auto flow text the script was overriding the master items on to the page in the wrong position. Thinking it had something to do with the script command (which works correctly on other files) I posted this http://forums.adobe.com/message/5206889#5206889 to the scripting forum.


      Now that I've been made aware of this custom page size message I'm thinking this and the script not working correctly are related.


      Thanks for any insight anyone can offer.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can check your page sizes in one of two ways:


          (1) You can create a Preflight Profile, and go into the Document > Page Size and Orientation section and set the page size and preflight for your expected page size.


          (2) If you have fewer pages, you can choose the Page tool (3rd tool from top), and click through all your pages to see if there is a page size which is not the desired size.


          It's possible it could be a bug but I've not heard of an incorrect message when the pages were all the same size.

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            Ken Krugh Level 1

            I wondered whether my operator had accidentally changed the page size with the page tool selected and that the sizes showing in the dialog and on the tool bar were, maybe, rounded. When I saw your message I was hopeful that, maybe, the preflight would detect an incorrect page size.


            But, alas, it did not! It is showing on errors.


            Thinking that maybe InD was "seeing" the frame that was sitting outside the page as making the page larger I tried repositioning it and removing it before applying the master. But, I received the message again.


            Thanks for taking the time to respond!