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    Having trouble with the InDesign cs6 TOC?


      I just installed cs6 from the Adobe Cloud, and nearly had a nervous break-down with the TOC. I had all my paragraph styles laid out in my book and created new TOC styles for them. Part of the toc would show come back with the paragraph styles from the book (not what I wanted) and part would be in the TOC style. Totally random! I only had 3 paragraph styles, and I had to fudge and redo all the paragraph styles in the book with the TOC styles, do the TOC and swap again. I wonder if anyone has encountered this problem?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like you may have a nested style applied to some of the text in the Paragraph Styles.


          To see this - locate a TOC that gets messed up - go to that page where the TOC reference resides - and select the text with the text tool.


          Open the Character Style panel - and you will see if there's a Style applied by looking at the bottom of the panel - this will show a style name.


          You will then see if there's a character style applied to the text.



          When the TOC imports the Paragraph it imports everything with it - what you should have is TOC styles specific to the layout you want and name them something like


          TOC 1

            TOC 2

                TOC 3




          When you make the TOC with the Dialog Box you can then choose to have


          Heading 1 - mapped to TOC1

          Heading 2 - mapped to TOC 2

          Heading 3 - mapepd to TOC 3



          Hope that helps

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            malvaandmax Level 1

            Thanks Tyson, but this is not the case at all. I wish I had done a screen capture but I will try to explain to you what I had.


            I avoided nested styles for that one reason and loaded all the styles for the book from chapter 1 so all would be identical.


            I had 4 documents in front matter which I named styled as Introduction in the book.

            Introduction: 11pts minion pro bold condensed align left (no indent)

            TOC-intro Level 1 same as Introduction


            8 chapters styled as Chapter-Head

            Chapter-Head: 48pts Acens bold align right

            TOC-chapterhead: Level 1 11pts Minion pro all caps bold align left (no indent)


            Stories under the 8 chapters

            Story-Titles: 18pts Minion pro bold align left (no indent)

            TOC-storytitles: Level 2 11pts minion pro reg align left with small indent.


            This is what I got


            The 4 articles in the front-matter were fine except for the last one which had the small indent.


            Chapter One came out as chapter-head aligned right

            Chapter Two came out as TOC-chapterhead except for bold

            All other chapters came out as 48pts Acens but aligned to the left


            Most of the story titles came out as 18pts aligned left with indent.


            As I redid the toc the story titles came out with the toc style but as I couldn't remove the huge gap created by the chapters and the 48pts, I redid again only to go back to the previous description.


            I finally gave everything in the book the styles I wanted in the toc and reloaded all the styles. This time everything came out almost perfect except for the last article which was indented and the 3 first articles page numbers were a 6pt. I could certainly work with that. Then I redid the paragraph styles again in the book and reloaded the styles again.


            As you can see everything was scrambled up and I am wondering if my install is faulty somehow. I downloaded CS6 from the Creative Cloud and I am working with Windows 7.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              We really need to see screen captures of the text inthe bokk and how it looks in the TOC. Also, nested styles are not a problem, but character styles or local formatting applied outsied the paragraph style definition WILL carry through to the TOC as overrides to the selected style there.