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    Syntax Coloring for PHP in HTML Files

      I'd like consistent syntax color throughout my documents, which can be CSS, HTML or PHP. However, when I write PHP code into anything but a PHP document, it comes out in a single, or dual-color format making it much less "pretty", and not nearly as easy to read. HTML has CFM and ASP color options, but not PHP (and I don't want to have to format the color twice in preferences anyhow). I've tried grouping .html files in with the PHP/MySQL color grouping in the DocumentTypes setting (Dreamweaver 8/Configuration/DocumentTypes), which works, but results in a crash each time I do anything but look at a document.

      Anyone experience this behavior, or better yet, have a solution to make Dreamwever's syntax color consistent within itself?
      BWT, this refers to Dreamweaver 8.0.2, Mac OS X 10.4.7. And the rest of the Studio is installed as well.