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    Faster way?


      Hello -


      I've been scratching my head at these two features that I want to provide for days now. I have been searching tutorials and thought you experts would know of a faster way.


      I'm running InD6 on a PC. It's fast; that's not my problem.


      I have a 22 pg document, exporting in pdf format, for a client (realtor) to show clients on her tablet &/or PC. As of now, none of the clients are running Flash, so no SWF files.


      My first problem: page numbering

      Pages 1 is the cover, page 2 is the table of contents (that I made, not used InD for). The client wants page three to be listed as page 1.


      For this, do I need to use the pages panel to section off the cover and ToC to be their own section, and then page three will be numbered (insert spec character>marker, I understand that & how) as page 1?



      Once I get that figured out, I also want to have the line item be a link to a destination within the document, with a rollover (upon hover) that shows text ("Click here to go to page X")


      I feel like I'm close, but from what I've read I need to:

      1. create a button, which would be the line of text on the ToC
      2. also create a rollover to say "click here to go..." upon hover
      3. use the hyperlink to connect the action of clicking the line of text to going to the specified page within the doc.


      Anyone willing to help? It seems more complex than I want it to be. InD makes so many things so easy...

      -Hoping -

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          On Page 1 go to Layout>Numbering and Section Options


          Have this start at Roman Numerals "i" for now


          On page 3 go to Lyout>Numbering and Section Options and select to have this start at a new Section, and choose numbering "1" as the layout.


          Now page 3 will be numbered page 1.



          Seems like you have the 2nd one down? You stuck on anything in particular?