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    Problem setting up AMS with external APACHE

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      I have been reading for days online switching back and forth between using Adobe Media server(AMS) and RED5, The lack of documentation related to RED5 led me to adobe.

      All i need is video streaming for mp4 video files to work on my current website i have set up.


      My local host is



      I downloaded AdobeMediaServer_5_LS1_win64.exe (free version).

      Installed with apache (to get the dll files i needed listed on this page http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashmediaserver/configadmin/WSd391de4d9c7bd6093a7e2f8312a374 a1bde-8000.html#WS565cbb3ff5441e2614fa39ef13121395a10-8000)

      The files are:

      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/adbe_dme.dll
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/adbe_license.dll
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/asneu.dll
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/hds.dll
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/libeay32.dll
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/libexpat.dll
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/mod_f4fhttp.so
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/mod_hlshttp.so
      • rootinstall/Apache2.2/modules/mod_jithttp.so


      Copied ALL of those files into my existing apache modules folder

      Unistalled AMS, Then Reinstalled using default ports (port 80 collides with port 80 set up by apache but i am ignoring that for now).

           Im ignoring the collision with port 80 because, i believe i dont need the AMS service to be running on my pc if i set it up with my current apache?


      Then i went to my current apache htppd.conf file located at (C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf)


      Added the module line:


      LoadModule f4fhttp_module modules/mod_f4fhttp.so

      <IfModule f4fhttp_module>

      <Location /hds-live>

          HttpStreamingEnabled true

          HttpStreamingLiveEventPath "C:\xampp\htdocs\site\archives\01_archive\streaming"

          HttpStreamingContentPath "C:\xampp\htdocs\site\archives\01_archive\streaming"

          HttpStreamingF4MMaxAge 2

          HttpStreamingBootstrapMaxAge 2

          HttpStreamingFragMaxAge -1

          HttpStreamingDrmmetaMaxAge 3600

          Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks





      I have no clue what this module is doing but i copy and pasted the code from (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashmediaserver/configadmin/WSd391de4d9c7bd6093a7e2f8312a374a 1bde-8000.html#WS565cbb3ff5441e2614fa39ef13121395a10-8000).


      I know port 80 is colliding with the apache used in my xampp server so i go to my computers services and turn off Adobe media server (because my current thought is that i wont need the service because i am installing it on my current apache server).


      Then I attempt to start apache from xampp and it refuses to start with out saying that it failed, aswell as not showing any errors in the error log.


      BUT, when i change LoadModule f4fhttp_module modules/mod_f4fhttp.so to #LoadModule f4fhttp_module modules/mod_f4fhttp.so the error goes away and apache starts.




      1). Do i need Adobe Media server to be running in my services if i am using an external apache?

      2). Why won't my apache start?

      3). What ports should i use while installing my AMS if i am going to use an external apache?


      My answers correct me if i am wrong:

      1). Pupils whom are setting up AMS with an external Apache server are installing the AMS on that server, so the need for the AMS service to be running is not needed.

      2). My theory of why AMS is not running is because the line LoadModule f4fhttp_module modules/mod_f4fhttp.so is calling the the line is succeeding the conditioned module / function one a syntax is incorrect, though this is unlikely due to adobe provide this code themselves.

      3).Pupils setting up an external apache with AMS should not use port 80, because it will collide with your apache server for http.



      Any help/guidance is apeciated i am new to AMS, but i believe i have provided every possible detail that could solve my issues. Hours of meaningful research will continue until i find the solution.