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    Issue burning Blu-ray 25GB "Not enough free disc space"


      Hi there,

      I'm having a lot of trouble burning to Blu-ray with Encore CS5.1


      Here's the issue:


      Whenever I go to build the project directly onto a disc it says "error "code 25" not enough free disc space"

      Now I've tried burning an .iso and I can get that to work but it for some reason is larger than what encore says it will be (24.99 GB) which is I think my issue.


      Encore is set up to build a project to exactly 25GB, but aren't Blu-ray (BD-R) discs only 23.3GB?


      I have had an error 25 where is says "not enough free harddisc space"

      Which is why I'm thinking that Encore actually means the disc is too small for what it is trying to build. Why would Encore be set up to build more than a BD-R can handle?


      I know that there is more than twice the projected file size avalible on my HDD, so I think it's an issue with the disc.


      How can I make Encore build for 23.3GB instead of 25GB?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!